Afghanistan – touch down in flight

It seems that lately I turned my blog into a Vimeo feed. That is not on purpose, but I can’t help it that there are some many amazing videos on Vimeo, of which you should at least watch a few. I hope that with the lack of proper content at least you as visitor – […]

Miniature Kiev

Kiev is beautiful city and I can only recommend to visit it. There are many nice videos made of this city, for example this one, but recently I came across a video of Kiev as miniature city. The video shows real footage of Kiev that is post processed to create this amazing look. Ofcourse, the […]

Welcome! On this blog I post stuff that might be interesting for others or just random posts on daily life stuff. Some of my posts are in English, maar soms ook gewoon in het Nederlands, net waar ik zin in heb. Enjoy!

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