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Van de big-apple redactie

“Vasily/Василий” – a short docu (20 min) about a retired Russian farmer from the Kursk region that is taken on a trip to NYC. Simple yet intriguing, hence I won’t spend more words on it and I think you just should watch it below (source).


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Van de st-pauli redactie

Hamburger Hafen

Hamburger Hafen

Where: Hamburg, Germany

When: a gray day in February 2013


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Van de it's-not-the-end-of-the-world redactie

Karl Hyde (known from Underworld) with the single “The Boy With The Jigsaw Puzzle Fingers” from his new solo album, Edgeland. Beautiful combination of video and music.


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Van de Neerlandsche-industrie redactie


Air Baltic Fokker 50 at VNO

Travelling recently between Vilnius and Riga airport, I noticed the small regional aircraft was a Fokker 50. I’m actually not sure if I’ve flown in a Fokker before, but it was actually quite cool to see that many of them are still in use. Why is that cool? Well, simply because Fokker was a Dutch company that built airplanes 😉 It is unfortunate that this is not the case any more, although several parts of the former company are still involved in parts, service and leasing under the Fokker brand. Interestingly though, a new company called Rekkof and now renamed to Next Generation Aircraft is planning to modernise existing Fokkers to extend their lifetime and compete with other modern regional aeroplanes. There seem to be some plans that a factory will be opened in Brazil, but it has been quiet lately. I’m wondering if the project will actually take-off? (haha)

Btw, have you ever seen such airport interior?



Rutte Should Press Putin on Rights

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Van de putin redactie

2013 is the Russia-Netherlands Bilateral year (see the official website) and on the 8th of April President Putin will visit the Netherlands. I’m all in favour of such events and collaborations on economical and cultural level, considering Russia is an important business partner for the Netherlands and vice versa. However, considering the ongoing pressure on civil society in the recent years and the fact that the country seems to be moving further away from democracy and respect of fundamental rights every day, this topic should not be left out of the agenda. This article by Human Right Watch sums it up pretty well in a single line:

It is admirable to promote deeper understanding between Russia and the Netherlands, but this has very little meaning if vital parts of Russian society cannot express themselves freely

Well said!


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