Rsync hangs with Cygwin

Those of you who have worked with linux before are probably familiar with rsync as a tool to transfer data, for example backups, over the network. It can transfer your files in an incremental way, very useful when syncing big folders over the network. As I wanted to copy files from a Windows server to […]

Autumn in Enschede

Autumn in Enschede. Some walks and just a Nokia Lumia 800. October versus November.

On train travelling and Kashtan

I love travelling trough Europe by train. Yes, in a few hours you can fly easily to any destination in Europe, but what’s more convenient than just stepping into a train, read a book and see countries passing by and landscapes changing? Some people will say it costs too much time. However, when you travel […]

Off to Italy

A rainy Netherlands in July 2012 made us buy an Interrail train ticket and jump on the train towards Italy, going trough Germany and Switzerland giving us great views of the Alps, especially when we used the famous Bernina Express between Chur (Switzerland) and Tirano (Italy). After a trip to Milan (while waving to George […]

CKEditor control always loading ckeditor.js

Quite often when I run into a problem while doing some web development work there is always a blog post hidden in the hundreds of Google results that have the solution. Now I run into a problem with CKEditor under ASP.NET, I thought I can perhaps return the favour as not that much was available […]

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Welcome! On this blog I post stuff that might be interesting for others or just random posts on daily life stuff. Some of my posts are in English, maar soms ook gewoon in het Nederlands, net waar ik zin in heb. Enjoy!

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