Dopplr dead?

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Van de travelmania redactie

It seems that the travel website Dopplr is slowly pulling the plug. It already looked a bit like a ghost-site, with the latest blog update dated in 2009, but now it’s not able anymore to add trips. It seems that after the acquisition by Nokia basically nothing happened. A true pity, since it’s imo the best ‘social travel site’ with a nice design, easy interface and a lot of nice possibilities of using your data (as I use her on my blog to display my travel info). It’s just weird that the website, with a lot of potential, is left for dead.

I’m looking now for a good alternative. The most popular one is TripIt, but actually i don’t like it. As someone on twitter described it:

Is there any viable alternative to tripit is like using SAP for counting apples.

TripIt is definitely too much focussed on the corporate traveller and imo lacks a lot of features that Dopplr has. But even if I want to switch to TripIt, it seems i have to re-enter all my data. There is no way of importing data in TripIt. Luckily, at least you can download all your data in Dopplr in iCal and JSON format. Perhaps someone can write an application that uses the datadump and TripIt API to migrate?

Any suggestions are welcome!

Update 25-1: It seems to work again?



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