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Van de politics-economy-culture redactie

As Europe3D Project Leader 2010 i would like to invite students to attend Europe3D Finland (7-14 February 2010) or Europe3D Sweden (22-28 February)! Check out the invitation below or see the original invitation click here

Invitation to Europe3D

Are you a student? Are you open-minded? Do you feel like exploring new cultures? Then take this opportunity! Choose the Europe3D that fits you the best and come and meet us in February!

What is Europe3D

The aim of the Europe3D seminar is to present the country that hosts it under 3 distinct Dimensions: Politics, Economy, and Culture. The seminar aims to be a melting pot of cultures, raising discussions and debates among the participants and allowing them to get a picture of the hosting country.

When and Where?

Europe3D Finland

7th – 14th of February

Helsinki – Tampere

Europe3D Sweden

22nd – 28th February


Have you ever seen a polar bear or a penguin? Here you won’t see them either but you will have the time of your life while experiencing the Finnish sauna, the “Sitsit”-parties and the famous “Sisu”!
Europe3D will take you into the Finnish politics, economy and culture. You will take part in lectures by leading Finnish politicians, you will get some insights from the economic system and you will have the chance to experience the typical Finnish culture!

The first half of the week will be spent in the capital of Finland, Helsinki and the other half will be hosted by students from Tampere University of Technology. During the week you will get to know this exotic Nordic country and you also shouldn’t miss our cottage trip in the lovely Finnish countryside.

We are waiting for 20 students from any country and from any field of study!

Application deadline is the 1st of January!

Apply now!

Are you curious to understand how Sweden works on the basis of such an open mentality? Then come to Sweden in February for the Europe3D Open Minds, Open Skies event!

Come and discover Stockholm and the 14 islands in its beautiful surroundings as well as the Archipelago on which the city was built. You will visit the House of the Parliament and you will participate in discussions on political and economical topics offered by professors or other organisations. Towards the end of the week, we plan a visit to a company from the typical Swedish industry.

You will also get the opportunity to experience the delicious Swedish food and to learn about some of our traditions like the Swedish midsummer celebration.

We are waiting for 20 students from any country and from any field of study!

Application deadline is the 12th of January!

Apply now!

Who Can Join?

ESTIEM is welcoming every student from any country worldwide and any discipline to apply for one of the Europe3D seminars organised by the Finnish and the Swedish Local Groups. You only need to have high interest in learning more about the Finnish or Swedish culture and about the political and economical situation of the two countries, and of course a great motivation.

Please note that the two events are independent, only promoted jointly. Applying for one of the events does not mean you have to join the other one.

How Much does it Cost?

Europe3D Finland: +/- 75 EUR

Europe3D Sweden: +/- 75 EUR

The participation fee should be paid cash at the beginning of the event. This fee includes accommodation, meals, seminars, visits and transportation during the event

You need to cover your travel expenses to and from the event and we also recommend you to bring some pocket-money for party-drinks or other things you may need during the event.

Where and When Can I Apply?

To apply please read the page through, and fill the application by choosing the event you want to apply for and clicking the link on the page.

Application deadlines for the events

Europe3D Finland

1st of January 2010

Europe3D Sweden

12th of January 2010

Remember! Events are independent from each other! You can apply for Europe3D Finland, for Europe3D Sweden or even for both of them!

For any further details feel free to contact our team!

Europe3D Project Leader

Alexander Peters

Alexander.Peters[@] ;



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