Fonera and OpenWrt

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Recently I discovered that I still had a Fonera FON2100 WiFi router lying around. These simple routers (one ethernet port and one antenna) were distributed by the FON organisation quite some years ago so that people can open up their wireless network to the FON community. I wanted to use this device in my home network as access point. The standard Fonera software has however limited configuration possibilities and it is not possible to switch off the public network sharing. Since the Fonera software is a derivative of the openly availably OpenWrt, there is the possibility to ‘hack’ the device and install OpenWrt.

I used the following guides:

This post merely adds some remarks based on this information and in general come basic knowledge about network configuration and working with an Linux/Unix environment over SSH or Telnet is assumed.

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Moscow walk

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A recent walk through Moscow (only equipped with the camera on my phone, unfortunately). The contrasts of old versus new Moscow on a sunny spring day. The new buildings that appeared in the last years (and still in progress) are mainly concentrated in Москва-Сити, the designated business district located near the Moskva river. Being grouped there all together, it is actually impressive. But perhaps more impressive are actually the old, historical and iconic buildings that define the real everyday Moscow.

Moscow Moscow


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Abkhazia: one of the many beautiful views

Abkhazia: one of the many beautiful views

Map of Abkhazia. Source: NYT

Map of Abkhazia. Source: NYT

With the Olympic games currently taking place in Sochi, I thought it would be a late but good moment to write about my visit to Abkhazia in 2011. “What and where is Abkhazia?”, is the first question most people ask. Abkhazia is a disputed and de-facto independent state bordering Russia near Sochi (see map). Its recognition is limited: almost all countries, including The Netherlands, consider Abkhazia as part of Georgia. Russia is one of the few countries that recognises their independence since 2008, that was proclaimed after the Russian-Georgian in that period. Throughout history, the Abkhazian region has been part of other regions and states as well as independent (until 1991 as the Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, for example). Tensions led to the bloody Abkhaz-Georgian war in ’92-’93 with ethnic cleansing as the result. Russia has a large influence in the region and also has military presence through a large CIS peacekeeping mission, that mainly consists of Russian troops. I won’t dive deeper in the history and the issue of independence, as the complexity of the topic demands more research before saying something about it. The point is that nowadays Abkhazia is independent, at least from a practical travellers point of view, and that is what I will write about here. Read on! »»»»»»

Thoughts on Ukraine

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For those who like to follow news related to politics in Central and Eastern Europe, and especially Ukraine, the last months have been extremely interesting. Before the Vilnius summit in November, a lot has been written in the media about the potential agreement signing by Ukraine, but also about Moldova and the trade restrictions imposed by Russia (such as the restrictions on Ukrainian chocolates, Moldavian wine and Lithuanian cheese). Although no one was really able to predict what was going to happen during and after the Vilnius summit – the situation was basically changing every day – I think no one really predicted the massive demonstrations that started in Kiev. Since that moment, again a lot has been written, especially considering the daily changing situations and flood of developments there. Although I like to follow this news closely, I won’t write extensively about it as there are many other journalists and scholars who wrote excellent analyses in a way I anyway couldn’t write it. For example, take a look at the articles I shared on Twitter , subscribe to the excellent magazine New Eastern Europe (and check their website), or read the interesting blog analysing Ukrainian politics Odessablogger.

Maidan Kiev, January 2014

Maidan Kiev, January 2014

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Brussels city centre at night

Living in The Netherlands and having travelled frequently within Europe in the last years, one would expect that included Brussels. Well, it didn’t. Probably because I figured it is nearby I could do this anytime. From Enschede, it was (relatively) still quite a distance, but when since I lived in Breda for the last months, it was rather easy. Hence, this summer, I gave it a try. Although the highspeed connections from Breda don’t run at the moment, there is a local cross-border connection from the nearby Roosendaal running to Antwerp. The train is ugly and slow, but also cheap. From Antwerp you just take one of the many trains to Brussels. Et voila. Visiting the EU institutions and Belgium beers in the city centre makes Brussels actually quite worth a visit.

EC Brussels

European Commission, Berleymont building


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