Half-Lives: The Chernobyl Workers Now

I guess that most people are aware of the Chernobyl disaster, and there are many great documentaries about it. But the short film below is really worth watching, simply because it knows how to capture the situation nowadays in just 15 minutes only by letting the people there talk.

Belarusian Dream

Quite a lot of people, at least here in the Netherlands, know little about Belarus. While attention goes to conflicts all over the world it’s often forgotten that we still have a country with a dictator and powerful secret service so close to us. For anyone who wants to know a bit more about Belarus, […]

Power of the Zenit

In the last days the Cosmodrome Baikonour has been in the news a lot (well, at least here) because of the launch of Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers in a Sojuz rocket on a mission to the International Space Station. Here is a great clip of the launch of a (different) rocket from the same place. […]

Hip klokje

Gaaf klokje, de Segmentus clock door de Russiche Art Lebedev Studio. Helaas is het een concept, dus ik hou het bij de screensaver . Ook gaaf is de Reflectius clock. Anyway, bekijk z’n website eens voor meer gave gadgets!

PhotoBomb Tool

Mislukte partypics doordat iemand met z’n kop er bij moest, herkenbaar. Maar, het kan altijd erger…vandaar de volgende how to video: Photoshop’s new PhotoBomb Tool (via:

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